Xbox 360: How to Deal with the 3 Flashing Red Light Problem

If you own an Xbox 360 be aware of a serious problem that has plagued the Xbox community over the past year. If your Xbox 360 is acting strangely, you have experienced any technical problems with the system, or you have three flashing red lights on the consul then you have a serious problem. These problems have been reported all over the nation and can not only affect your system in the short term but rather the Xbox 360 consul in the long term. If you are having the “Three red light problem” here is how to resolve the situation fast and effectively. Moreover, it will take a lot of time for this problem to get resolved. This is why I would recommend you to try BandarQ Online meanwhile. This way you will be able to play your favorite games as your Xbox is under repair. 

First off be sure that the problem is the three red light problems. Check out your Xbox 360 manual, and the Xbox official website for other troubleshooting tips. If you are experiencing problems with your Xbox 360 like the games freezing, or the system randomly shuts off, then you may be faced with an overheating problem that is easily fixed and can be dealt with. If you are having three red lights flashing around the power button on the front of the consul then you are faced with a much more serious problem.

If you are dealing with the three red light problem then hop on the phone and call Xbox customer support. After the brief holding period in which you may be asked a series of unimportant questions, you will be connected to a representative. Tell the Xbox rep exactly what the problem is and they will more than likely understand right off the bat. You may be asked to clear your Xbox 360 hard drive to see if this resolves the problem, but in most cases, it will not, also don’t be fooled into thinking that there is a hard drive error with your 360.

The three red light problems may cause your Xbox 360 to do a lot of strange things and one of these oddities is to flash false error messages that pertain to the system’s hard drive. This may cause you and the rep to miss-diagnose the problem, so be sure to let them know that you are dealing with the three red light problem. If it is a hard drive problem then there would be other symptoms presenting.

After a series of tests that the rep will ask you to perform to make sure that nothing else is causing the systems problem you will give them your name address and phone number, as well as your systems serial number. Then they will ship you a pre-paid box for you to send in your faulty consul and receive a new one. All of this is covered by Microsoft and you will pay no expense, except maybe the gas to drive to the nearest UPS store.

BE ADVISED! – Before sending your consul to Microsoft Corporation make sure to remove your hard drive and any game disks that may have been inside the Xbox 360. If either of these components is left attached or in the Xbox 360 consul then there is no guarantee that you will get them back. Also make sure you DO NOT send them your power supply or any other accessory, just the basic consul. Also as an extra precaution write down the serial number of your Xbox 360 for your personal records. Also when you receive the box from Microsoft take down any tracking information so you yourself can monitor the status of your system.

The whole process takes about a month or so, and if you have Xbox live to make sure to tell the Microsoft reps, or let them know in some way shape or form. If you are paying for the Xbox Live service and you lose your consul for a month, then they will more then likely compensate you by giving you an Xbox live 1-month free membership card. The problem with the three red lights originates from a faulty part that was installed in many Xbox consuls, so this has nothing to do with the user, but rather the producers. The only preventative measure that you can take is to make sure that your Xbox 360 consul is plugged into a wall outlet directly and not to use any power strips because this may cause the faulty part to go out sooner, plus it is suggested for optimal performance for the Xbox 360.


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