What Is Live Dealer Baccarat

Have you ever heard of live dealer Baccarat before? Well, if you have heard of the casino game called Baccarat then you basically have heard of live dealer Baccarat. Of course, there is a slight difference between the two. Baccarat is a glamorous casino card game. Live dealer Baccarat is the same exact casino game found on credible platforms like pkv qq, but it is available to us live online. In other words, you can play live Baccarat at a live casino online. A live casino consists of an online casino that provides its players with a webcam video and stream of a real live dealer or croupier. Most live casinos online broadcast the webcam feed directly from real bricks and mortar casino. Others broadcast from within a studio. Either way, the casino games hosted there are for real and you, the online player, actually plays accompanied by a real dealer.

Now, when you play live dealer Baccarat keep in mind that the game is played exactly the same as if you were actually in a land casino. The only difference is that you are playing it online. The different variations are the same and their respective rules are the same. Many people do not consider that Baccarat is one of the easiest games to play and win! There are three different variants of Baccarat, but for online Baccarat, the variant which is best adapted to playing live online is Punto Banco Baccarat.

Live dealer Punto Banco Baccarat is strictly a game of chance. There is no skill involved in order to play successfully. There are only three possible outcomes: Player, Banker, or Tie. The terminology “Player” and “Banker” do not refer to the actual player and dealer, rather they just term used for specific outcomes of the card game in which the real online player can bet on. When the Player wins it is called Punto. When the Bank wins it is called Banco. When no one wins and there is a Tie, it is called an Egalite.

In live dealer Baccarat, the cards two through nine are worth their face value. Aces are worth one point. Tens and face cards are worth zero. Nine is the highest score one can achieve in Live Baccarat. A player calculates their score by summing up all of their cards and dropping the ten digits if the sum is more than nine. For example, a hand with a nine of spades and an Ace of hearts has a score of zero.

When you play this card game in a live casino online the online player must place their bet on either the Player, the Bank, or a Tie as the winner of the new game. The live dealer will deal with the initial deal which consists of two cards face down to each type of bet, Player, and Bank. These cards are then turned over. If either the Player or the Bank earns a total score of eight or nine (a natural), then the play ends there and the winner is called out. However, if the Player has a score of zero to five then the live dealer will draw one other card for this position. If the Player has a score of six or seven then this position stands. The Banker’s play depends entirely on how the Player’s hand was carried out.

If the Player’s hand did not draw a card, then the Banker’s hand will draw a card if the score is a total of zero to five. If the Player’s hand did draw a card, then the live dealer will deal with the Banker’s cards by following a set of established rules. The actual online player has no say in how the dealer deals the cards. Once both the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand have been dealt with and the established plays have been carried out the live casino’s croupier will call the winning hand, Player or Bank. The bets will be collected and paid out immediately. The live casino software will credit or deduct the respective amount automatically to or from the Baccarat game account. If the Player and Bank have the same final score then those of you who bet on a Tie would win. The Tie bets would be paid off, but the original bets on the Player or the Bank would stay in place and stay active for the next game.

As you can tell, live Punto Banco Baccarat is a simple game with not much skill and strategy involved in playing the casino card game. Baccarat has always attracted the wealthy high roller players, but being able to play at a live casino online allows each of us our privacy in order to go ahead and participate in a game we may never have dared to enter while visiting a land casino. That is one of the beauties of playing at a live dealer casino; live dealer Baccarat is accessible to all levels of players.


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