What Is A Mini Roulette That Is Different From The Usual One

There is a lot of difference between talking about a game and playing it because people that believe in all talks and no play end up nowhere but the real litmus test is when you apply your talent and skills in the field where in this case you have to do the same in the casino, which brings us to mini roulette, a popular Agen Judi DominoQQ Online venture where you can start your training in technology through online gambling.

Today, the development of high technology has led to gambling being set firmly online, and roulette, of course, was no exception. But not all players are familiar with such a concept as a mini-roulette and do not know what it is. In this article we will talk about its rules and traits.

What rules should be observed?

First of all, note that, unlike other types of roulette, this number has only 13 numbers per wheel and therefore there will be a small size for the betting field. But as a principle of the game, then mini-roulette is different – the player keeps track of where the ball is low and either wins or loses.

The betting and payout field has a direct link to the number of roulette roulette numbers. Thus, all bets are divided into groups:

  • first group: numbers in the range 1-6;
  • second group: numbers in the range 4-9;
  • third group: numbers in the range 7-12.

As you can see, some numbers are divided into two groups at a time. The player has to take this into account and, on the basis of this conclusion, chooses a proper strategy for the game, a good maneuver.

A smaller version of the roulette, as the standard version, allows you to bet on black and red hair and split, plus four-column columns. If you are a new player, then it is logical to listen to experts recommending the mini-roulette for a start, then switching to more chances.

But for all the similarity of mini-roulette with “older brothers”, we still believe it is an independent game and you can not do without a talent.

What is the difference between a mini-roulette and a classic version?

Someone can say that obviously a different number of numbers on the wheel. But the difference is not only in this sense. For example, talking about the differences, you should get to zero as an important factor, “dancing” to determine the advantage of the player’s casino degrees. And since we already know the main difference between the standard mini-roulette, then we can easily conclude that the edge of the house in this case is much more than in the same European roulette. And this makes mini-roulette a much less profitable game.

Online casinos are aware of this, because in the mini-roulette rules there is an element according to which the player waits for a pleasant surprise if he drops zero. In this case, half of the bets are refunded. This puts a mini-roulette in terms of profitability between European and American roulettes (in percent, respectively 3.84%, 2.7% and 5.3%).

Payments in mini-roulette

Another difference from the mini-European Roulette is that when you hit the ball on the number provided, the payout is not 35-1 and 11-1 because the numbers on the wheel three times less. And believes that to win in mini-roulette can be more – erroneously, as it should be considered, and chances of the ball falling to the desired number.

If the player bets on groups of four numbers, the win in this case will be 2 to 1, and if the group numbers listed above, or in the even red-black contact, then 1 : 1.

Mini-Roulette – a game that is not popular, you want to try it, you have to go to those online casinos where there is software from Playtech. It was there that such a roulette was invented. We advise you to visit some of the best casinos that offer this game – Eurogrand, William Hill, Europe.


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