The Short Stack In High Stakes Tournament – Learn about the tournaments!!

Typically, short-stack play refers to anything 15 big blinds (BB) and under. The 15-25BB range is still dangerous but you do have some options left as to how you play. Once you get below 10BBs especially you need to try and pick up the blinds and hope for a double-up as soon as possible! At this point, your only move is to shove or fold. Situs Judi Bola will guide the bettors about the high stakes tournaments. The information about the stakes to place at the betting platform is available from the site. The picking of the right betting table is necessary at the online platform. 

How to play when you have 15 big blinds

This is a tricky stack size to play. Don’t be tempted into playing hands like suited connectors or rag Aces such as A-3.

You still have some time to wait for a hand you are happy with. It’s better to blind down a little and shove a good hand than panic and start playing too many pots.

If you pick up a small pair (poker hand rankings) shove instead of raising. While being called isn’t awful, you don’t want to try and play a flop as you could easily be bluffed.

When you get a monster adjust your strategy according to image and the poker table. Aces could be anything from a limp, to a raise, to a shove depending on the situation.

How to play when you have 10 big blinds

You now only have one option: shove or fold. Don’t limp into pots, don’t raise, don’t complete from the small blind or call a raise. Just jam or fold!

So what do you jam? Obviously all strong hands including all pairs, A-9+, K-Ts+. If the poker table is very tight, add in hands like Q-J and J-Ts too.

Jam loads from late position. If it’s folded to you on the button or small blind you should jam a very wide range. This is because there are only 1-2 players to get through and the chances are small they will have a hand to call you with.

Poker Players will shove on you in the blinds a lot. Be prepared to face pressure from bigger stacks when it is folded to blind versus blind. To call you should have at least King-high or pair. Snap calling with hands like 7-6s is generally not advised

How to play with less than 10 big blinds

This is the danger zone! You have very few options now and just have to hope that you can get a quick double up.

Shove or fold still applies. The only problem is that you now have less fold equity, so you will be called more often. There’s a fine line between needing to have a good hand and not allowing yourself to blind down even more.

Shove wide. Expand your shoving range to include all Ace-x hands (especially in later position), most suited King-x hands and add in suited connectors.

You will have to get into a pre-flop all-in sooner or later. It would be wonderful to rebuild our stack purely through stealing the blinds and antes, but the reality is that you will be called eventually after you shove. This isn’t always a bad thing (top mistakes in poker).

Stay positive

Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you’re out. You see so many players throwing away their chance at winning the tourney, because they give up. You can always get back into the game. More information about success in poker.

Be patient (to an extent). If you have 10-15BBs you don’t have to make an immediate move. You have a bit of time to wait for a good hand or good spot.

Don’t wait too long… but you can’t keep blinding down until you have zero fold equity either. Even if you double it doesn’t matter if you are starting from a point of 3-4BBs!


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