The Gamble Rogers Festival

For those of you who are planning the 12th Annual Gamble Rogers Folk Festival in St. Augustine, Fla., May 4, 5 and 6 can not participate this year, you may know that this festival presents a variety of musical talent the Michael Smith, Burns Sisters Band, Amy Carol Webb Trio Cook. You can also see that this festival offers performances by local musicians, contests, arts and crafts, and reductions in local accommodation. What you may not know, but the story behind Gamble Rogers. This is not only a story of talent and tragedy, but also of heroism without compromise.

James Gamble Rogers IV was the last day of January, born in 1937 in Winter Park, Florida. While his father and grandfather were architectural genius, Rogers took a path that led away from the architecture and the open arms of the music. He became a legend popular song -. Jimmy Buffet influence on the nature and led to his album, Fruitcakes devote Rogers

“National Treasures” by journalists Rogers was known for his songs about Oklawaha, Florida, a fictional town full of colorful characters and stories. He played the guitar and his incredible ability to all audiences for this delicacy known location. He introduced the art of storytelling and the father as the proverbial Florida folk music served. It also has several albums, including some published posthumously. His albums are the Lord gives me grace and style devil makes me do Sorry Sorry, as a sign of a misspent youth and good causes.

Rogers is revered by his musical acts, but also for his bravery, an act that eventually led to his death. In October 1991, camping in Flagler Beach, Florida, Rogers heard someone needed help. He followed the voice to find a man named Raymond Tracey caught in turbulent waters. Rogers jumped and made the ultimate sacrifice: He saved the life of Tracey and lost his life in the process.

Folk song, as opposed to other types of music that does not belong to the young folk singer much better with age. For this reason, Rogers, at the time of his death, it seemed that everything started, so that the world of popular music, shake your head and wonder what might have been.

For his musical talent, was in the Hall of Fame in 1987, Florida has recorded artists and posthumously at a price of folk heritage in 1993. For his act of sacrifice Rogers was awarded for bravery Kiwanis and the Carnegie Prize for heroism. The beach where Rogers was killed was renamed The Gamble Rogers Memorial renamed State Recreation Area at Flagler Beach and St. Augustine School The Gamble Rogers Middle School in St. Augustine. Rogers memory, songs, and tributes to him also lives in the Gamble Rogers Memorial Foundation, a foundation in order to never forget created a legend. If you want to play amazing casino games, visit judi bola.


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