Start blackjack online – Tips for the beginners to win more

On the Internet, you’ll save time because the data are immediate, no need to wait for the dealer to serve you. In a casino, a full table, you play an average of 50 to 75 hands per hour. On the Internet, it is no less than 100 hands that can be played per hour. Add to this that you can play on different boxes, and you immediately understand that this scenario will allow you to gain tremendous experience in implementing the basic strategy!

With the Net, you no longer need to travel, you play quietly in the comfort of your home. While at the casino you have to wait until a place becomes available or a blackjack table opens under heavy influence, no more worries if you play online, there are always tables available and you can start to play immediately, without restriction zones.

You can play for free, here for example our free flash version of blackjack , multi hand.

Blackjack online offers the opportunity to bet less than in a real casino. Indeed, the minimum bet usually around € 1 as it is commonly about 5 € in a casino

Or take advantage of bonus

The bonus money is added to your account to play online. All bonuses offered do not play blackjack, so we selected some valuable bonus blackjack, displayed right of every page of the site guide As in, we will complete this list inspired by this reference page on the online casino bonus . These bonuses will help you for some free play blackjack for others to play longer because your deposit will be doubled. The availability of enormous bonuses and rewards is there at Pkv qq platform. The initial deposit in the bank account is doubled with the skills. The advantage of the bonus is there for the attraction of the potential players. Some demo playing is provided to offer more chances to win more. 

It is often said in the pages of this site: it is not possible to count cards in casinos online! Indeed, the game is mixed with each draw. Nevertheless, there are now online casinos that offer to play against the dealers’ live / live “, ie they are actually filmed and distribute maps to a few players. There are usually 8 decks of cards in the deck and the packet is distributed to half. The advantage that we can draw from the cards ‘live’ is minimal.

Beware of online casinos that say they specialize in blackjack

DublinBet, Blackjack Ballroom, etc.., Claiming to be specializing in blackjack, but still offer bonuses to unacceptable conditions for withdrawal: they require blackjack players to bet more than 300 times their deposit to withdraw winnings. Example: you deposit 100 Euros, you must bet 3,000 euros before you can withdraw your earnings potential. If you still play at these casinos, deny bonuses to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the time of withdrawal.

Blackjack, as you know, has many variants, either on the number of games played, rules for sharing or neglect, and the rules applied to the dealer: he remains on a S17 or pulls Does it again?


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