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This popular game is said to be of French origin and is thought to have existed since the 17th century. It is known as one of the oldest casino games. The word “Roulette” means “small wheel” in English. It was the top choice of wealthy gamblers at Monte Carlo casino in its early days from the mid 1800’s to the 1930’s. After that, its popularity expanded into many other countries. Roulette continues to be a great favorite among casino players all over the world, and has a popularity as big as both black jack and the slot machines .

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At Online Gambling Casino, there is 36 numbered slots on the Roulette wheel, which include 1 – 36 plus 0 and 00. A small ball rotates on the wheel that is spun by the dealer after the bets have been placed. The ball comes to rest on a certain slot or pocket when the wheel slows down. It may land on either a red or a black slot, which may be an even or odd number, the 0 or the 00. The 0 and 00 are at opposite ends of the wheel and are green in color. The odd and even numbers are alternated in pairs, as well as by the colors red or black. The Roulette player must predetermine in which numbered slot the ball will stop. If the player predicts the correct slot, there will be a payoff.

The Roulette wheel is actually not all that small. It is located in a horizontal position at one end of the Roulette table. On the Roulette table, alternating odd and even numbers, which are either black or red colored segments like those on the wheel are arranged in 3 columns of 12 numbers each to total 36.

The player purchases chips (which represent a certain amount of money) from the dealer. Then, the player will place them on the Roulette table in the section that he or she thinks is where the ball will stop on the wheel. If the ball is still in motion on the wheel, bets are permitted until the dealer says,” No more bets.” When the ball has settled into a compartment after the spin, the dealer places a marker on the table. At this time, money is paid out to the winners of the Roulette bet.

Types of bets

Note that there are both Inside and Outside betting areas on the Roulette table. You may bet on either one or both. The difference is that the Inside Bet involves a wager on a single number or a combination of the numbers from 1 – 36 as well as 0 and 00. There are six different types, listed below. An Outside Bet includes wagers involving the possibility that the winning number is even or odd; red or black, between 1- 18 or 19 –36.

Inside bets can include several different types of bets that contain multiple numbers on a single bet.

A Straight Bet is a bet on one number. It pays 35 to1.

A Split Bet is a bet on two separate numbers. If the ball lands on either one, it pays 17to 1. The bet is placed on a line between the two numbers on the Roulette table.

A Trio Bet is a bet on the possibility of one of three numbers turning up. It pays 11 to 1. The chip is placed on the outside of the row the player wants to bet on.

A Corner Bet involves placing a chip in the center of 4 numbers. If one wins, it will pay 8 to 1.

Five Number Bet pays 6 to 1. It includes 0,00,1,2, and 3. The chip is placed on the outside line between the 0 and 1. It is said to be the least profitable of the inside bets.

Six Number Bet allows a bet to be placed on 2 rows of three numbers. It pays 5 to 1. F

Outside Bets include the following:

  1. Red or Black. Pays 1:1.
  2. Even or Odd (will lose if 0 or 00 come up). Pays 1:1.
  3. Any Number or High Number (place chip on 1 –18 or 19 –36 spots. Will lose if 0 or 00 come up). Pays 1:1
  4. Thirds: (1st, 2nd or 3rd 12 – place chip on 1 of these thirds. If it comes up, pay 2:1);
  5. 0 and 00 bet. Put chip on the spot. Pays 35:1.
  6. Column Bet: Pays 2:1. Bet on one of the three long columns of numbers. Place chip on any one of the 2 to 1 spots.

Experienced Roulette players note that if a number repeats often in over 100 spins, there could be an advantage. Also, by observing a dealer who has a consistent spin style, a skilled player may be able to roughly predict where the ball will land every time.


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