Poker Place – Let It Ride Poker Game – Basics

Let it ride is a game based on 5 Card Stud Poker. However, in this game you are not playing against other players or the house, but solely against your own luck.

Aside from the fact that you are playing against yourself, it is unusual for a Poker game because you put up all your bets before the first cards and then you can pull your bets back one by one if you don’t like the way your hand develops. If you do like the cards, you just let your bets ride, as the name of the game suggests.

A person has to go for the stake casino deposit bonus, to increase their chance of the winning. There are various kinds of the bonuses are available for the people. The person can select the bonus based on terms and the condition that it posses.

Let it ride is played on a table that is very similar to a Blackjack table. At each player position are three betting circles. In most casinos they are marked from let to right. Some casinos reverse the order. These circles are where the three mandatory bets are placed prior to dealing a hand. There is also a red-lighted spot above the three betting circles where an optional $1 bonus side bet may be placed. The spot will light up to indicate which players are qualified for the bonus.

Directly in front of the chip rack are two rectangular boxes, sometimes marked with the numbers 1 and 2. This is where the dealer places the community cards.

The most important goal in Let it ride is to end up with a five card Poker hand which is a pair of tens or better. If you invest an extra dollar for the bonus payout, the second goal is to get a hand that equals or betters the minimum bonus payout. The type of hand depends on the particular table you are playing at.

The game is easy to learn. Winning hands are based on the standard Poker hands, and there are no wild cards. However, unlike, Blackjack and regular Poker, you don’t play versus the dealer or other players at the table by betting against them.

Instead, the value of your hand is determined by a fixed payout schedule. Consequently, the bluffing and normal playing strategies that are used in traditional Poker Games do not apply.

When the game begins, you put up three equal bets. You can also place an optional $1 side bet which qualifies you for a separate bonus payout. Three cards are then dealt to each player and two additional community cards are placed in the centre of the table. The community cards are exposed one by one, becoming a part of each players hand, to eventually form a five card Poker hand.

If your hand is a sure winner (paired 10s or better), or if you believe the addition of the community cards will make them a winner, you should let the first bet ride. This is done by squaring up the cards and laying them face down directly behind the centre bet.

If it is a loser, you can pull your bet back and keep the stake Remember that pulling in your bet does not equal folding your hand. Your play continues – you simply have less money riding on the hand.

The dealer then exposes the first of the two community cards. You now go through the same decision process again and either pull back the second bet or let it ride. Finally the second community card is turned over so you now have a five-card Poker hand. You cannot pull back the third bet. It is a kind of late ante. Also there are no draws so the three cards you are dealt plus the two community cards are all you have to work with.

The dealer now evaluates your hand and makes the appropriate payoffs in accordance with the two pay tables. To qualify for any kind of a payout your hand must be at least a pair of tens. If you bets were $5 a piece and you let all of them ride you could win as much as $15000 for a royal flush you place the optional side bet you could win an additional $20000.


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