Online Poker Tips James Bond

Like in the newer version of the James Bond Movie, “Casino Royale”, you could also use similar poker skills that James displays against his opponents.

In a poker game, mega888, there are two opposing players who do have a good hand and have the best chance of drawing the best hand after a flop -good cards on hand, who will have the chance to do multiple raises from an early betting position. Play at a moderate pace and wait for other playable hands, later on in the game; maybe you will have a chance of seeing a flop reasonable enough to play with.

You can also play with good, high hands most of the game, and remember the general rule to play aggressively. Take advantage, as much as possible, of all the raises that might come your way. If you do not take down your opponents early on the game, you will decrease your chances of winning the whole game. A no-fear style of play in the game can also give you an added “fear factor” to any bluff or play that you might want to use on the next round of play, if a good chance to steal out comes your way.

A player must be always ready to fold their highest card pair if they ever get a threatening flop in their way. Some of the strategies that you can play out are by playing immediately your highest pairs, with your good hand, before a flop happens. This is a good way to get more cash into the pot, and will encourage useless hands to fold early, earning you a lucky flop. Remember to not draw on the low end, and at both ends of the straight.

You have to also remember that unrelated medium and low cards are usually of no use to the player. This will also include a group of cards that cannot be categorized as a flop or straight. You can play aggressively when you draw after a flop. It is a good time to bet or raise your hand, when you make a straight and a flush, trips, etc… Keep a wary eye out for flops that can turn instantly into straights, which can even overtake your own good hand, and check raiser chips easily.

Poker players who are already near usually make the mistake of rushing in their betting just to get all of the chips in, in a sort of “All or Nothing” attitude. Poker players must also watch out for the suited flops that can complete a flush. If that happens, the player must just hold the nut in that suit of cards, or have trips, or a double pair, to make differences and variety in their style of play. Just get caught bluffing just once in the game to make yourself unpredictable in your opponents’ eyes.

Online gambling is the kind of gambling that can be done from any place and it can prove to be an addiction. Nowadays many people take it lightly and should be played to a limit. The market is worth over $40 billion, in recent times. There are many forms of gambling available: Poker, Casinos, sports betting, and slot games like bingo and lotteries.


Kieron Watson has a keen sense when it comes to card games. He also wished to travel around the world and compete with other professional players.