Omaha High The Game Of Draws And Action

When playing poker online, do not think automatically about no limit texas hold’em as your only option! Pot limit omaha high is a game of skills, action and analyzing. I suggest you play the game if you are already familiar with no limit texas hold’em. Although many beginners make the mistake of playing pot limit omaha high with their hold’em strategy. Overplaying a pair of aces is the most common mistake I see in the game. For beginners: you have 4 cards in your hand and use only two of them; always keep in your mind: omaha is the game of draws where the actual leader of a hand can vary on every street. The preflop hand differences are also a lot smaller than in hold’em.

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The average pots are a lot larger than in texas hold’em at the same blind level. The many different holdings, draws and all-ins give also a higher swing in your bankroll than in hold’em. You really have to learn how to play this type of poker.

For example: in hold’em if you have AA and your opponent puts you all-in with AT, then you are a very big favorite of winning the hand. In omaha, where the differences are a lot less, totally dominated hands have most of the time at least 33% chance against a pair of aces. Not even mentioning when someone has a four suited AA83 and you hold something like a double suited 9TJQ (55%-45% for the aces). Omaha is the game of draws, but it is important to know: you always want to draw to the nuts and not second or third nut flush, straight or full house. Now I show you the beginning an interesting and typical hand that I have played on a 9 handed $0.5/$1 table.

I was in UTG with the holding A5A5. That is something like a dream hand in omaha. A pair of aces, with another pair, and your hand is double suited. You cannot really count on the wheel (straight from ace to five) as it is not the nuts, but still it has a straight possibility. I had $90 and decided to only limp in UTG and see what happens behind me. The second position player raised to $4.5 and everyone folded to me. I decided that my hand is definitely good enough for a 3bet and made it $14 to go. My opponent hesitated a bit and made the call. The pot is $29.50 and my opponent has $69 left.

The flop comes: J2Q. On this flop an all-in can be expected. My stack to pot ratio is about 2.5 (my stack is $76 and the pot is $29.50) so I can go all-in with my over pair, nut flush draw and backdoor nut flush draw comfortably. I bet the pot, my opponent reraises and he goes all-in, I make the easy call. The pot is $167.50. The preflop chance was 65%-35% for me (do not forget that my actual holding is one of the strongest holdings from the many different pairs of aces).

If my opponent had two pairs my chances would not be bad, if he is on straight or flush draw I am definitely a favor. The worst case scenario is if he had trips, but still in this case my flush draw and over trips give plenty of outs.

My opponent shows the following cards: K9T8. He has a big straight warp without a flush draw. This means he has 10 outs on me to hit his straight without me hitting my flush. His outs are the following: 8899TTKKA and A. With my overpair and flush draw my chances improved to 72%-28%. For the record: if my hand did not have the heart flush draw, I would be a 48%-52% underdog!!! In the actual hand I DO have the flush draw, therefore I have a huge advantage on my opponent. This advantage comes from the fact that even if he hits his straight, he has to avoid my flush on the river.

The turn card is the Q. This card has not changed much. You could say that my hand improved. True, I have two pairs now, but my hand would have improved a lot more with a heart, giving no chance to my opponent. His hand did not improve either and he is still waiting for one of his eight outs (he lost the two aces as outs because they would give me a full house now). The value in the turn card is that there is only one card left and this reduces the chances of my opponent. Chances on the turn are 80%-20% on my side.

River card: A. How ironic poker can be! I said on the turn that the second Q on board did not change much. However it had a major effect on the outcome. My opponent hit his straight but the ace gave me a full house, winning the hand!

No one said you can learn poker easily, but you should take your time and make always a small step in the right direction. I hope you could see with this first example how difficult omaha can be, and the chances are not so clear in a hand as they first appear.


Kieron Watson has a keen sense when it comes to card games. He also wished to travel around the world and compete with other professional players.