Microgaming introduce Reel Play Poker

Microgaming have long been known for the innovation in the video slot field, but their latest announcement appears to have revolutionized the game of Video Poker with the arrival of Reel Play poker.

This latest arrival comes on the heels of Power Poker (which introduced multi hand video poker) and Level Up Poker (which introduced sequential hands with multiplied payout).

Reel Play Poker is a combination of both of these games while adding a slots element to the mix.

The first of these Reel Play poker games is a Jacks or Better game which can be found from the Video Poker section in most Microgaming casinos.

When you start playing the game, you’ll first asked to select how many paylines you want to play for along with the number of coins on each payline and the size of coin for each of those lines … just as you would on a standard slot machine.

In this case, Jacks or Better Reel Play has 20 paylines with players being able to wager up to 20 coins on each of them.

Once your happy with the way the game has been set up, you simply need to hit the ‘Deal’ button and your five cards will be dealt just as they would be in any standard game of Video Poker.

Any cards that Microgaming suggests that you hold will be tagged, but if you wish to follow your own strategy you’re free to hold whichever cards you want. Once you’ve made your choice though, it’s just a case of clicking the ‘Spin’ button and any cards that you have held will be spun away and replaced with new cards.

The interesting twist to the game though is that winning hands are not simply evaluated horiztonally across one line – instead, cards are looked at across 20 different paylines making the overall feeling of the game more like a 20 hand video poker game with individual hands interacting with each other across three rows – just like in a slot game.

Each independent payline is the compared to the game’s pay table with payouts being calculated based on the number of coins that have been wagered.

The largest payout in the game amounts to 320 coins if all 20 paylines are played at the maximum level, and each of them score a Royal Flush.

Where to play Reel Play Poker

Reel Play Poker is available in most Microgaming casinos – however we would recommend playing it at JackpotCity casino, which is one of the largest Microgaming casinos around and offers players up to $500 in bonuses when a player deposits for the first time.

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