Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Netent With Three Progressive Jackpots

If you like the Mega Fortune slot machine, you’ll also love the new Mega Fortune Dreams sister slot.

Invented by developer studio Netent, this slot will pave the way for everything you’ve ever wanted. Glamorous cars, jewelry, luxury yachts and the luxurious life we all want and will have one day!

What we love about this slot machine is the consistent continuation of all the things we’ve liked about Mega Fortune, only this time NetEnt makes it a little bit better. You’ll still get the thrill of winning the progressive jackpot and you’ll continue to enjoy the generous luxury setting along with the pumping lounge music, but at Mega Fortune Dreams you can now win as much as €200,000 instead of the €100,000 you’ve come to expect from Mega Fortune. Additionally, you have the chance to win the big jackpot!

If you are still unsure about this slot machine, we can reassure you, because all three jackpots, which are also available in the original Mega Fortune, you also have at Mega Fortune Dreams. Mega Fortune Dreams offers you an intimate insight into the life of a millionaire and the sparkling, glowing symbols on the reels will captivate you for hours in front of the screen. All this, backed up by the idea of winning one of the biggest jackpots available, offers you an incredibly exciting gaming experience.

Please promise us that if you win the jackpot, we will be invited to your party on the luxury yacht so that we can toast your luck with Dom Perignon!

Technical features

One of the elements we love about NetEnt machines is the individuality of the game experience and mechanics. You probably won’t find another slot machine that has better graphics, offers a comparable soundtrack and captures the luxury life so skilfully.

Exactly this gaming experience is not affected even on the smartphone. Mega Fortune Dreams fully supports smartphones and tablets so you can continue your hunt for luxury on the go. But please don’t blame us if you miss your bus or train because you’re too deeply immersed in the world of Mega Fortune Dreams, where everything revolves around big wins and fat jackpots. To receive these winnings, you have the option of betting from €0.20 to €80. People can now play QQ games online too. Dominoqq and bandarqq have earned a lot of players to bet on it by offering them the satisfying and a new gameplay. The trusted sites are the ones you should rely on for making profits. This should give both newcomers and experienced players a nice range of bets.

Mega Fortune Dreams has 5 reels and offers up to 20 paylines with symbols where the wildest dreams come true. There are large, glittering diamond rings, luxury watches (ever heard of Rolex?), cocktails, exclusive handbags and lots of champagne. As if that weren’t already decadent enough, the game features diamond-studded numbers and symbols from 10 to Ace. An oil prince probably left his poker cards there!

Naturally, Mega Fortune Dreams also has a game card in the form of a palm, the diamond as a scatter symbol and the wheel of fortune on the deck of the luxury yacht as a bonus game.

Bonuses and winnings Game description

Shows us a player who doesn’t like the free spins in his favorite machine! Fortunately, NetEnt has not saved any money here either and offers extravagant free spins to match the setting. While other machines offer a handful of free spins, Mega Fortune Dreams offers up to 20 free spins to win! Plus, it’s really easy to get to your free spins. All you need is at least three diamonds at a time and you get more spins!

But free spins aren’t everything! Please don’t forget that this is a luxury machine where you will be overwhelmed with winnings. All winnings from the free spins will be at least tripled. If other scatter symbols appear during the free spins, this multiplier can take values of up to 10, which means that the winnings can be increased tenfold! Legendary, not true?

If you have not liked palm trees very much so far, your opinion will change now. Because in Mega Fortune Dreams, you won’t want anything more than palm trees because they take the role of the wild symbol, replacing all symbols except scatter and bonus. With a little luck you will get three palms at once and thus another free game.

Aside from the in every respect convincing gaming experience, Mega Fortune Dreams still has a big ace up its sleeve: The coolest jackpots of the gambling scene. You can already play for the Mega Jackpot when the bonus symbol appears on reels 3, 4 or 5.

As soon as the wheel of fortune appears on the deck of the luxury yacht, you’re ready to go. The Wheel of Fortune consists of three rings that you must stop at the right time to win the big jackpot. With a little luck, you can win millions, but even if you miss the right time, there are more jackpots for one or more annual salaries! With Mega Fortune Dreams, you’re just a hair’s breadth away from the lifestyle of the rich and beautiful.


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