Massachusetts Legalizing Online Poker

Many of you reading this know full well that I’ve been spending a lot of my time recently playing poker at Betonline and the main reason for this is that the games are often full of American players and at US peak times, the competition is softer than my girlfriends silk underwear.

Because of this fact, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the US market developments, mainly so I can jump on any opportunity faster than Usain Bolt crosses a finish line, and of course share it with you guys.

What’s been happening?

Last week, Massachusetts State Representative Daniel Winslow planned to make a push for an online poker amendment to a state budget bill. Clearly understanding that the US is in a recession Winslow stated “Massachusetts already has decided to legalise gaming, so we should consider all options to maximise revenue and create new jobs.”

So what’s the catch going to be? The price no doubt! The bill would not make it cheap for an operator to offer online poker in the state. In fact, to receive a license, an operator would have to fork out over $10 million and pay a tax of 25%. So it remains to be seen how that is going to affect the games but saying that casinos have had to pay for licences and pay tax for years so it’s nothing new.

Everest Poker May Lead The Way In Massachusetts

This week Everest Poker released a press release stating that they were well positioned to be the first to offer online poker games such as slot 777 online if/when internet poker was brought to the state.

The press release stated that Everest Poker is the only European-facing poker room with an office in the state. According to CEO Tim Den, “The proposed bill rewards responsible European online poker operators and encourages local technology companies and, fortunately for us, Everest Poker is exactly both of those things.

The bill presents Massachusetts with a great opportunity to be a pioneer in legalizing Internet poker in the U.S., and there’s no question that Everest Poker is better positioned than any other operator to take advantage of that opportunity.”

Help spread the word to make sure we get those tables filling up

So this is all great news, all we need are a few brave pioneers to get the ball rolling and then hopefully more states will follow in their foot steps. It’s a huge cash cow for everyone and now that people (states) are finally figuring out how to get their hands on some of the money, it should only be a matter of time before we see tables filling up with big, fat, juicy fish and we can all enjoy the feast.To really get this going we all need to work together, hence why I’m even writing about it. Tweet this article, hit the Facebook like buttons, let’s get US poker back on track!!!!


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