Leetcoin Ushering In A New Era Of Gaming With The Help Of Bitcoin Tech Cocktail

After all the fervor and hype it’s caused over the last year or so, Bitcoin seems to have died down in the news. We’re not reading front page stories about Mt. Gox getting digitally robbed or stories about the imminent success of the crypto currency.

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But that doesn’t mean that Bitcoin companies have fallen by the wayside. In fact, entrepreneurs are still staking a lot on the success and adaptability of Bitcoin.

Leetcoin is one such company championed by Kingsley Edwards, CEO though they’re only in beta still. They’re pioneering an interesting approach to integrating Bitcoin into daily, mainstream life: they built Leetcoin as a gaming platform that revolves around Bitcoin.

The users can compete for Bitcoin against others, and it’s currently being used by gamers around the world to literally see who can kick the most butt. As the team says, players are finally able to put their money where their mouths are.

It all began when Edwards was hanging out with his friend one day, who also happened to be a fellow Bitcoin enthusiast. When his buddy showed him a Bitcoin casino hosted inside a virtual world, Edwards thought that video games were just as applicable to that model.

So, he began conducting some tests and built out his development team, which was somewhat difficult coming from the world of finance. And while finding the right people was tricky, he successfully made it to launch last October.

“We finally had our MVP ready,” says Edwards.

Currently, Edwards is focusing his marketing efforts on potential customers via game developers, server hosts, and eSports leagues – all markets where Leetcoin could potentially thrive. It’s given him a foothold in the US, Canada, and Europe so far, but the big time is in Asia.

And just for a frame of reference, Asian cultures treat professional video gamers the way Americans treat Hollywood celebrities. If Edwards gets that kind of internatiaonl reputation, he knows it’s game over in the best of ways.

Edwards is hoping to hit that goal by distinguishing Leetcoin as different from its competition, focusing on PC games first and foremost. Also, most of his competition is only on the gaming side of things – they don’t tend to use the Bitcoin protocol.

“I love poker, but skill-based card games are eventually going to have a smaller percentage of the overall industry. Players competing against each other in video games is the future,” explains Edwards.

The Las Vegas based company is getting some solid feedback from the gamer and Bitcoin crowds alike that are excited for what disruptive innovations the team has in store. As founder tells me, Leetcoin will be releasing an API soon enough that will let game developers to utilize the platform and monetize their games right off the bat.

Oh, that’s gonna be sweet.

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