Is Online Poker Good or Bad for Us?

Whether or not you like playing online poker on Pkv Games Online, one cannot deny the increased popularity over the previous years. One must also take a closer look at how the game affects us, considering the amount of time many of us can spend on it. In fact, online poker is starting to become the biggest and most popular form of online gambling. Many authorities in academia have debated the pros and cons of online gambling but it is sometimes difficult to go about it without including some sort of bias.

The first effect is the one that we tend to hear about the most: the addictiveness of the game. Many argue that addiction to poker stems from a deeper problem of excessive money consciousness, but it is difficult to tell. One reason online poker is so addicting is it is so accessible. You could go online right now and potentially make $100 in a matter of ten minutes with a little luck. The problem with quick wins like this is that people will keep them in mind next time they lose. “If only I get another streak like that, I’ll be out of the hole” is a common misconception. Sometimes it can also be hard to admit that one has a problem, and often the help of friends and relatives is necessary.

One of the proposed positive aspects of online poker is increased mental stimulation. When played correctly, poker requires many quick calculations and fast decisions. One must also be continuously paying attention to the behaviors of his/her opponents. Things like pot odds and expected value are often difficult calculations and can really exercise a brain. This aspect is often overlooked, but one can’t deny the fact that your mental “muscles” are being strengthened during play.

A phenomenon that is often seen in beginning players is their increased competition. When they are challenged by skilled players in online poker, the competitive instinct they gain can be reapplied to other aspects of life whether they are in sports, academics, or the workplace. This is nearly impossible to prove, because who’s to say that these people weren’t predetermined to be more competitive than others, but anecdotal evidence does suggest it. For some, the thrill of being in a large online tournament can fuel the thirst for the competition they may be lacking otherwise.

Hate it or love it, the behavioral effects of playing online poker are certainly something that merits further research: both for the negative and positive aspects of play.


Kieron Watson has a keen sense when it comes to card games. He also wished to travel around the world and compete with other professional players.