How Can You Choose A Good Casino For Judi Bola Online?

Firstly, you need to verify the online casino. Also, you can get in touch with professionals players who have dealt with judi bola earlier. They are the best to give recommendations and tips before you start gambling online. Check for the licensing possessed by the gambling site for a smooth experience online. 

How To Play European Roulette Online

The main difference between European roulette and American one at online casino is that there is double zero in the American roulette while there is single zero in case of European version uk online gambling site House edge increases significantly in case of American roulette due to the extra zero to 5.2 percent from 2.7 percent.

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In American roulette house edge on bets of single numbers with the wheel having thirty eight numbers is 2/38 which is equal to 5.2 percent while in European roulette online with similar bet of single number, house edge becomes 1/37 which is equal to 2.7 percent Nätcasino

Play online roulette with different bets bingo sites

In European roulette online the players are free to bet on different combinations of deposit casino online They can also bet on red or black plus even or odd. In this game there is a chart on which players can put their bet.

There are also outside and inside bets with inside bets ranging from betting on single number to line bets where 6 numbers are connected. play online poker On the other hand there are outside bets that include grouping numbers into 3 parts called dozens bet.

In low or high bet you can bet on low range of 1 to 18 numbers or high range of number 19 to 36. There are even or odd and red or black bets where you as a player can decide where the ball will fall.

En-Prison Rule

This is a kind of online casino bonus. Due to this rule the house edge reduces to 1.35 from 2.7 and as per this rule in case ball lands at 0 you will lose maximum half of what you had originally bet but you need to have a bet which is even money one otherwise you can also utilize your bet to play in the next round.

European Roulette Online & Payouts

The following is the structure of payouts when you play online roulette of European form:

  1. Payout of 35:1 in case of Straight Up bet.
  2. On Split bet you have a payout of 17:1.
  3. Street bets have payout of 11:1.
  4. 8:1 is the payout for Corner bet.
  5. 8:1 is the payout for Four bet.
  6. Payout for Line bet is 5:1
  7. The payout in case of Column bet is 2:1 and
  8. Payout is 1:1 for Even Money bet.


It is clear from the above that European roulette online gives the player lot more opportunities to win in comparison to its American counterpart. If you play seriously then it is quite possible to win in this wonderful and exciting game.


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