History Rules Popular Texas Holdem – Know them briefly

Texas Hold’Em is known to be the most famous variation of poker. There are certain aspects that made it favorite, like televised tournaments and celebrity based events. Moreover, it is the main game played in the World Poker Tour. Its great popularity requires a closer examination of the history and rules that stand behind this game.

The History of Texas Hold’Em

It is not known who invented Texas Hold’Em. Its birthplace is considered to be Robstown, Texas. This poker game was introduced in Las Vegas in 1967 through the Golden Nugget Casino. It only became visible in 1969, when it was adopted by the Dunes Casino. Two years later, the directors of the World Series of Poker made it part of the Main Event tournament and kept its position ever since.

The popularity of Texas Hold’Em increased starting from 2003, mainly due to the growth of online poker. Its exposure in the literature, televised tournaments and virtual environment made it a common choice for poker enthusiasts around the Globe. It is a simple, yet complex game that supports a mixture of strategies. Nowadays, it is the most played variant both online and in the Casinos. Bola Online Indonesia is provided to the gamblers for increasing the funds at the bank account. When there is information about the history, then the winning at the platform is easy and simple. The preparation of the right strategy can be there to win big in real cash. The players will have a pleasant experience at the website with the history information. 


The rules of Texas Hold’Em are rather simple and this may be another factor that states its popularity. There are certain terms that must defined for a better understanding:

Flop – the first set of three community cards;

Turn – the fourth community card;

River – the fifth community card;

Showdown – the moment the players reveal the cards.

The start is simple. Each player receives two cards that remain unknown to the rest of the participants. This leads to the first round of betting. The “flop” is dealt with the face up, leading to another round of betting. The “turn” is next and it is also played with the card face up in the middle of the table, followed by a betting round. The “river” uses the same pattern as the previous two.

After the last round of betting occurs, the players reveal their cards. The winner of the pot is the one that has the best five-card poker hand. The hand can include one, both or none of the cards received at the beginning of the game. In case the best hand is shared by two or more players, the pot is divided into an equal manner.

Poker Hands

In order to determine the winner, players compare the hands against each other. The person holding a flush wins over the one with a straight. To make things easier for those who intend to start playing this game, the list below reveals the best to the worst hands. This means that the one above beats the ones below it.

Royal Flush – it represents an Ace-High straight composed of a single suit; it is also known as the best possible hand in poker;

Straight Flush – it is composed of five consecutive cards that are part of the same suit;

Four of a kind – all the four cards must share the same rank; the fifth card is the one that determines the winner if two or more players share the same hand;

Full House – the player must have three cards of a kind and a pair; when more players share the same hand, the winner is the one with the most powerful tree of a kind;

Flush – it is represented by five cards of the same suit; the winning hand is the one with the highest card;

Straight – it is composed of five cards of consecutive ranks; it can be either high or low;

Three of a kind – the player must have three cards of the same kind; when two or more players share the same hand, the winner is determined by the two remaining cards

Two pair – this means that the player must have two sets of cards of the same rank; when there are more players who share the same hand, the fifth card determines the winner;

One pair – it is composed by a set of cards of the same rank; the winner is determined by the highest card of the remaining three;

High card – the cards are ranked from the lowest to the highest; the winner is the player with the second highest card.


The interest in poker games was boosted in 2003, when Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million dollars at the World Series of Poker Main Event. Online poker, together with Texas Hold’Em became favorites. In 2006, almost 9,000 players competed in the No-Limit Texas Hold’Em World Championship. This game continues to attract people around the world in both brick and mortar and online Casinos.


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