Gamble on a Cruise?

Cruise gambling is one of America’s favorite pastimes, especially since 1989, when legislators decided to allow riverboat gambling in some U.S. states. If you enjoy gambling and seeing new things, a cruise where you can gamble might be the perfect vacation. Here are a few tips for gambling on a cruise.

Decide when you want to take your cruise. Most gambling cruises are day trips, though some are destination cruises. The most popular time to go is in the summer, though many people take cruises during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.;

Choose a cruise line. Your decision should be based on the size of the boat, the cost of the trip and the games offered on the cruise. Most gambling cruises have several dozen slot machines, lots of card tables and roulette wheels.;

Look up cruise ships online. Carnival Cruises, Sterling Cruises, Texas Treasure and Sun Cruz Casino all have informative websites. The same goes when playing poker online, they all got the same format and style;

Research deals for casino cruises online. Websites like Side Step and 4Cruises have great deals.;

Ask if the cruise line offers AAA discounts. If you are a AAA member, many casino cruises offer coupons and discounts.;

Determine how much money you are willing to lose. Gambling can take a large chunk of your savings, so having a set number in mind will help to keep your losses within reasonable limits.;

Dress appropriately. Most gambling cruises are packed full of people, which will generate body heat, but in the evenings it can get chilly, so bring a sweater or jacket.;

Tour the boat. Once you have boarded the cruise ship, take a look at all that’s available and plan your evening. Once you know which games are available, you can get more out of your day or evening.;

Talk with people on board and find out where patrons are having the most fun and winning the most money. Cruise employees can also give you advice if you are a novice gambler.;

Know when you have to stop. Most casino cruises require that gambling take place only when you are three miles off shore in international waters, so you’ll have to stop before the cruise ship actually docks.;

Settle up at the end of the night. The cruise ship employees will tell you where you have to go to collect your winnings.

Watch your alcohol consumption. Most gambling cruises offer free alcoholic drinks to anyone who participates in the games. They want you to drink more so you’ll gamble more, which can be dangerous!


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