From Rock Climbing to Scuba Diving: Outdoor Activities for Las Vegas Travelers

When visiting Las Vegas many travelers do not bother to look past the many casinos, lights, shows and shops. Most fail to realize the beauty of the outdoors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Next time your travels take you to Las Vegas, keep in mind that this area has more to offer than the casinos. There are countless exciting activities to do in nature in this vicinity- everything from rock climbing to scuba diving. These adventurous events will keep you entertained long after you blow your money in the casinos!

The most educational of these activities would be Red Rock Canyon. They offer a 13 mile scenic drive, hike, or bike ride for just a small entrance fee. During these 13 miles, they provide an in-depth history of the area, the recreation available at Red Rock Canyon, the geology, wildlife and vegetation. Red Rock Canyon also offers rock climbing and seasonal camping. Red Rock Canyon is a breathtaking area and there are so many exciting activities to partake in that you will never find yourself bored. You will be amazed by their colorful sandstone formations, the canyons and the spring. The wildlife in this area include: bobcats, desert bighorn sheep and wild burros. As with any outdoor activity in Las Vegas, Nevada, be safe and be sure to dress for the season and bring plenty of water along with you

Next, if you’re more intrigued by a mountainous alpine area, Mt. Charlestown will offer the right activities for you. Mt. Charlestown is located in Toiyabe National Forest has the third highest mountain peak in Nevada. There are 180 campsites and 150 picnic areas and they offer hiking, biking, camping, sleigh rides, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding and picnicking. The change in climate from the rest of Las Vegas is exhilarating. Mt. Charlestown is a beautiful alpine attraction that has numerous ways to keep everyone entertained. The sleigh rides, especially, will give you memories that will last a lifetime!

Another educational outdoor activity is the one found at the Valley of Fire state park. At the Valley of Fire, they educate you on Early Native American cultures. The area toured is the same area that was visited by basket makers and the Anasazi so long ago. The Valley of Fire was used for ceremonies and hunting. Along the way you are sure to view some historic rock art while climbing and hiking. They also have picnic areas available, so you are able to picnic on the same area that was used so long ago for forging for food. You receive such amazing knowledge at the Valley of Fire, you will feel as if you knew exactly how the early Native Americans lived on this land. Different activities will be conducted after checking reviews at site. The playing of the games will be great with the right strategy and tips will be adopted. The reading of the historic will be great to register at the respective site. 

The Las Vegas summers get hot! If you are in search of the perfect way to cool down, visit Lake Mead. This area is where three of the four of our nations desert systems meet: The Great Basin, Mojave and Sonoron. A small admission fee is required, but this is the place for all water sports. Lake Mead is -open year round and is the largest man-made reservoir in the world. This is a spectacular place to go because of so many activities to choose from. There are beaches to enjoy, swimming, water-skiing, boating, cruises, rafting, camping, lodging, picnicking, hiking, fishing and scuba diving. They have a visitor’s center that will inform you about the area, if you’re interested in an educational event. Everyone will love Lake Mead!

Lastly, if you want to do some outdoor sight-seeing, be sure to visit the Hoover Dam. The dam is named after president Herbert Hoover. The Hoover Dam created hydro-electric power and brought irrigation to the area, giving life to the desert surrounding it. It is approximately 726 feet high and 600 feet wide at the base. There are observation points available at the top of the dam and guided tours are also possible. During the tour, one will get a look inside the dam and see how it operates and creates hydro-electric power. The visitor center offers exhibits and also show historic footage of the Hoover Dam. This is an excellent choice if you enjoy historic architect. It is an amazing sight to see and the tour gives great information for those who are curious to learn more about the Hoover Dam.

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, Nevada don’t forget to explore more than just the shopping centers and casinos. You will miss out on amazing opportunities and breathtaking sceneries. The weather is extreme at times, so be safe, dress for the season and bring plenty of water when partaking in outdoor activities in this area. Enjoy the great outdoors!


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