Basic Tips On Craps Gaming Guides

Whether you’re new to the game of craps or a seasoned player, everyone can benefit from being reminded of the basic craps tips that allow you to win more bets as they try their luck with dewapoker online. Although craps is largely a game of luck, there are certain strategies involved in when to bet—and when to hold back. Here’s some advice that will help your winnings, and diminish your losses.

1. Many players will tell you that playing the field isn’t a good bet. However, sometimes it’s smart to ignore this advice. As a method of increasing the odds of winning a field bet, make sure that you don’t play the field on every roll that you make. That’s a sure path to losing with time. A field bet offers you a 44% chance of winning. But if you’ve noticed three non-field bets have passed in a row, and then you bet on the field, your odds of winning will go up considerably.

2. Make sure you look for the table’s proposition area (or “props box”). When you see where it is, AVOID IT! Proposition bets always have a huge house advantage. Many players gravitate toward them because of the lucrative payouts they’re offering. The House offers this huge payoff because there is such a remote chance of you actually winning it.

3. Feel free to bet on a “Don’t Pass Line.” However, remember that most people at the craps table bet for the shooter to do well. Betting on the “Don’t Pass Line” is basically a bet that he—and most of the other players—will lose. So if you win on this bet, be discreet about it and keep your celebration inside. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become unpopular.

4. When starting at a new table, it’s best to toss a few times with minimal bets on the table, just to watch how the dice roll. Examine the bounce. Generally, the less the dice bounce off of the back wall, the better.

5. You’ll almost always lose your money if you keep betting the same amount each time. This is a game of odds, and mathematically, the odds say that you’ll lose money if you keep betting that way consistently. One suggestion: Try out the Progression / Regression method. That means you increase and decrease your bet at a fixed rate. For instance, you might start with double the table minimum, then go with the minimum, and then double it again, and so on.

6. And finally, be cautious about how you let winnings ride. While it’s smart to press your winnings once in a while, if you do so consistently and then a seven is rolled, you’ll be crushed when you have nothing to show for the effort. Remember that craps are a game of streaks—both winning and losing streaks. Don’t press your luck on any streak too far. And always have a decent bankroll to offer protection for when the inevitable losing streak strikes you. A good rule of thumb is to have enough cash for 25 or 30 bets, to ensure the safety of your winnings when the winning streak comes to an end.


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