Crimson Rye Whisky Wild Oak Whisky Black Dragon Shōchū Duck Island Rum Loyalist Gin White Dragon Shōchū Canadian Pine Vodka Canadian Rye Vodka Whole Wheat Vodka

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields:

2 oz Whole Wheat Vodka

2 oz Rhubarb Soda

Top with Mashed Strawberries or Strawberry Syrup

Dash of Rose Bitters


Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned:

2 oz Wild Oak Whisky

0.5 oz Orange Simple Syrup

Dash of Orange Bitters



Rye Sour

Rye Sour:

2 0z Canadian Rye Vodka

0.5 oz Rosemary simple syrup

Top with fresh grapefruit and sparkling water.